Absolutely a pleasure to work with

Absolutely a pleasure to work with. Before I chose Arianna, I had met with half a dozen other real estate agents. Each one of them had nearly identical presentations: all they talked about was how fast they sell homes and how they planned to market my property the exact same way as everyone else. 

Arianna was the only agent I met with that brought something new to the table and didn’t repeat the same information every other realtor had. It was very clear she was experienced and had a great understanding of the area and how properties in the area sold.

She seemed to be the only agent who understood that a property in North County shouldn’t be marketed the same way as a property in North Park by simply plugging it into some template and just changing the address and pictures. Most importantly she was very genuine, honest, and extremely good about communication. I highly recommend Arianna, and will definitely reach out to her again when I plan to buy

— Quinn