Arianna was really top class.

My husband and I have been 4s Ranch residents since 2006. We picked Arianna because we’ve seen her all around our neighborhood and that to us meant a realtor who was 1. Very knowledgeable of the neighborhood 2. Would get us top dollar. What we found when we met Arianna was so much more than this. Right from our initial interview to closing our both our home buy and sale, Arianna was really top class.

Picking Arianna: We interviewed 5 realtors and we had NO doubt in our minds that Arianna was the right partner for us. She came so well prepared for the meetings, was upfront and set realistic expectations and was competitive in her proposals. She took detailed notes of our wishlist and we could see that the list stuck crystal clear in her head throughout the process.

Home Buy: Arianna knows the 4s Ranch, Del Sur, Lakes/Crosby areas like NO ONE else. That to us was a bug plus when it came to seeing homes that fell in our wishlist, seeing them aggressively. On each of those visits, we found Arianna actively listening to us, soaking in the subtle cues and incorporating it in our future showings. Never once did we feel like she was trying to push a home on us. She had her homework done, so she was able to answer questions that we had, she was in touch with the seller’s agent and gave us valuable insights into the homes all through the process. We decided to buy a new home and we rested assured that she was putting forth a calm and well thought out front for us and got us an aggressive deal through her negotiation skills. One thing to note here is she aimed to push the needle forward to the maximum extent but would inform us when she thought it may be an unrealistic expectation. All in all, we walked away from the home purchase feeling great about the price we landed on.

Home Sale: Arianna aggressively jumped on the home sale as soon as the buy was underway and set us up with a plan for staging, pictures and advertising material. We got a great checklist to go off of and every step was executed to the T. Our home’s listing landed right before COVID-19 madness ensued and she got us an offer that was top dollar for our home within 3 days of the first open house. What followed though was a roller coaster ride with the buyer given all the uncertainty with COVID-19. This is where we saw how SOLID our decision was in picking Arianna. She was a pillar of support for us, strong negotiations when they were needed and pulling off so as to not scare the buyer off. We had to make difficult choices as a seller through the way but never did we feel like we were dealing with a partner who was forcing us to take a lower deal or compromise on our bottom line.

The mark of a great realtor is in these difficult times and we cannot thank our stars enough for picking Arianna and thank Arianna and her team enough for the level of commitment, integrity, dedication and follow-through that they bring to the table every step of the way.

The Team: One thing to note with the Schwarz group is Arianna is front and center with you all through the process but there is such an efficient team backing her up. BIG shout out to Jackie and Nicole for always being responsive, clear and thorough on all the essential steps that they take care of in this process. Arianna, you are lucky to have them!

Finally, I can say this with no doubt in my mind – I am recommending Arianna to everyone I know and I have a friend for life. Thank you for the grace and kindness you bring in to this relationship in addition to all the essential skills needed for your job.

— Rashmi