We recommend Arianna to those who are looking for an agent

Recently we downsized and sold our house at 4S ranch. The sale was exceedingly smooth and we owed it much to our agent Arianna. We contemplated the sale more than a year ago and at that time we contacted a couple of agents and Arianna stood out. We chose agents who were experts of the local  market, but other agents failed to dedicate either resource or attention to us. One agent had several members of one team to call us independently and we had no idea who was in charge.

Instead, Arianna worked directly with us from the day one. She gave us an overview of the market and listened to our needs and expectations. She did not push us to start the sale right away. We told her that we would postpone the sale for a year, she was patient and followed up a year later and it kick-started the sale.

We explained to Arianna that we were not in a must-sell situation, and would sell the house only if the price was right and the cost was moderate. One of our conditions was that if we decided to pull the house out of market, we did not have to pay for her marketing expense.

She understood it well and agreed to our conditions. She helped us come with a plan with necessary but not excessive repairs and staging, which really improved the presentation of the property. She recommended a handyman for some repair work, and the work was good and the cost was reasonable.

While she recommended a day for the first open house, she was fine when we ask for one-week delay. Arianna did a great marketing job, and she had two very busy days for open house with a large number of visitors.

Within two days we had several competitive bids and by the fourth day we reached a deal. When we started the sale cycle, we planned for 60 days. As such four days is well above our expectations. While the property itself had its appeals for its large size, immaculate conditions and good location, the preparation, the marketing, and the open-house presentation by Arianna were big factors in such a quick sale.

We recommend Arianna to those who are looking for an agent in 4S Ranch market

— Colin