The Home Selling Process


The Home

Selling Process

It can feel like the details are endless when you’re selling a property. It’s my job to streamline the process for you, ensuring everything is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here’s an overview of the steps we’ll be taking to get you top dollar for your home.

  1. Prepare your home by highlighting its best attributes before it’s listed for sale.
  2. Manage and complete all pre-marketing details, improvements and repairs.
  3. Prepare pre-marketing phase professional photos, video, and marketing materials before our grand opening marketing media rollout.
  4. Start active marketing stage: selling efforts and marketing strategies begin in earnest.
  5. Present offers, negotiate in the case of multiple offers and move into offer acceptance phase.
  6. Complete inspections, disclosures, repairs, and preparation of legal documentation as part of the escrow period.
  7. Offer closing and after-closing services such as professional referrals, moving coordination, and more.


Pricing Your Property

It’s important to know that I’m not the one who decides how much your home is worth — the market does. Here are the factors that will affect the value of your home:

Location. Location is the single most important factor in determining the value of your property.

Condition. The condition of the property affects the price and speed of the sale. Since prospective buyers often make purchases based on emotion, first impressions are important. This is where staging comes into play.

Competition. Prospective buyers are going to compare your property— its condition and price — to other listings in and around your neighborhood. They will determine value based on properties that are listed or have recently sold in the area.

Timing. Property values are affected by the current real estate market. Because we can’t manipulate the market, we’ll collaborate on a pricing and marketing strategy that will take advantage of the first 30 days your property is listed. It’s the window of opportunity when buyers and their agents discover your property and are most likely to visit and make offers.

Exposure. Keller Williams exclusively offers local, national, and international exposure of your property. We are the only local real estate company that offers this kind of online presence.